City of Asylum @ Alphabet City

No night is boring at Alphabet City! With City of Asylum's exciting event program, Alphabet City is home to concerts, film screenings, workshops, readings, and more. We remain open during these events, and offer seating both in our main dining room, which is adjacent to the performance space, and in our downstairs dining room. For more information on City of Asylum's programming, and to view their complete calendar, visit

The Cheese School at Casellula

Do you share our passion for artisan cheeses? Or are you wondering what this artisan cheese thing is all about? Either way, we’re excited to let you know that, starting in July, we’re offering a cheese class a month through the end of the year. Each class will feature cheese tastings and adult beverage pairings. Our classes are structured to be fun, first and foremost. Also, you’ll leave with an enhanced appreciation for this remarkable food and some “secrets de fromage” that you can use to surprise and impress your friends!

 Cheese is an ancient food with a rich history and delicious traditions. It’s also a constantly evolving food as cheesemakers riff on classics and create new varieties. The more you learn about cheese, the more you’ll enjoy and appreciate the fine cheeses that you taste. We hope you’ll join us as we roll out an ongoing program of artisan cheese education. We’ll be publishing a calendar of the Fall and Winter classes shortly, and we’ll email you to let you know.


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