An Introduction to Artisan Cheeses

July 19, 2017 6:00 PM

until July 19, 2017

An Introduction to Artisan Cheeses

Come for the cheese, stay for the jazz!

Wednesday, July 19th, 6 to 8 PM

Tuition is $75.00

This two hour class is a great launching point for your exploration of the world of cheese. Casellula owner -- and resident cheese expert -- Brian Keyser will walk you through a brief history of Old World and New World cheeses and the process of making cheese. We’ll talk about milk, the main ingredient of every cheese – what kinds of milk are made into cheese, and why some are raw and some pasteurized. We’ll talk about how cheese is categorized and why that’s helpful. Brian will also discuss the science of taste and how cheese interacts with your palate. He’ll share some guidelines for buying, cutting, and storing cheese, including a nifty piece of equipment for home storage called the Cheese Grottotm. We’ll taste five cheeses, appropriately paired with three adult beverages.

As if that’s not enough fun for one evening, we encourage you to stick around! At 8 PM on July 19th, immediately following our class, Richie Cole and the Alto Madness Quartet will bring their unique brand of jazz to the Alphabet City performance space. “Richie Cole is recognized worldwide for the sweet sounds of his alto saxophone and the creativity behind his Alto Madness Orchestra.” There is no charge for this musical event. It will take your cheese experience to a whole new level!


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